Oh, my dear friend! Again, you are asking me what would be the best gift I can expect from you. Honestly, I’ve never thought about that before. What is the best gift to a friend? Hmm, let me carefully think about that before I can give you my answer.

Well, one may say, wealth, reputation, position, success and so on. we all know that these are all good things we can ever pursue in our short lives. Well, they may be right. However, let me tell you I am not looking for these when I come closer to you. They should never be the gifts from you, my dear. Instead, I’m willing to earn each of these gifts with my own intelligence, patience and sweat.

So, my dear friend! I would say the best gift I can ever expect from you is you are with me whenever I badly need you. Truly, there will be some wonderful or maybe tough times in my life when I need the warmth, patience and wisdom from you. I know at each and every that moment, nothing could be better than someone is with me and no one could be more suitable than you.

Yes, that’s my answer, my dear friend! Being with me when I need you. We together go on the journey of life, and enjoy it, and struggle, and get over the challenges. That’s really the best gift people can ever expect from their friends.